Organic and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Labex SynOrg

COBRA also backs the Labex SynOrg. Health and the underlying understanding of how living organisms work are key issues for our society, for which chemistry and organic synthesis remain the cornerstone. The field of health still needs to be explored, especially research into new molecules to find future medicines. Research into new tools to define and understand biological mechanisms is also at the heart of the concerns of the scientific community.

In this highly competitive international context, SynOrg is backed by Normandy University, Centre Val de Loire University and the CNRS, and revolves around a group of 4 organic synthesis laboratories (LCMT-Caen, COBRA-Rouen, ICOA-Orléans et IMT-Tours). This group represents academic research in Europe’s number one region for pharmaceutical development and production. SynOrg is also supported by Cosmetic valley.

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