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The UMR COBRA is part of the CRUNCh network (Normandy University Chemistry Research Center) a stakeholder in the Large Scale research Network ‘Chimie Biologie Santé (Chemistry, Biology, Health). 

CRUNCH is a ‘virtual’ institute, based on the concepts of ‘research, education, organization & development’ that combines higher education and research institutes of Lower and Upper Normandy. This interregional alliance allows chemists working in Normandy to perform at a high international level, notably through participation in European programs such as INTERREG IVA (ISCE-Chem) via the research federation INC3M. 



This network aims to build on recognized specialist subjects such as heterocycle, organometallic and polymer chemistry or emerging fields such as organic catalysis, bioorganic chemistry, unusual activations and adaptive polymers, while remaining open to the interfaces between disciplines (chemical physics & analysis, material sciences & quantum chemistry). 



The CRUNCh is made up of 7 organic chemistry and polymer laboratories (3 UMR CNRS, 1 UMR CEA, 3 EA) potentially the largest group of teacher/researchers in the west of France. It is characterized by: 

  • The alliance of all the organic chemistry and polymer laboratories of Normandy, with the objective of conducting large scale combined research projects. The CRUNCh is one of the largest regional chemistry research groups in France. 
  • The joint development of current or emerging specialist subjects. 
  • The joint organization of doctoral training from Research Master (RM2). 
  • The establishment of beneficial common policies: recruitment and the purchase of large equipment. 
  • High level researchers (senior and junior) to encourage the use of innovative expertise and technology. 




The UMR COBRA is also part of the IRIB (Institute for Research & Innovation in Biomedicine) a Federative Structure of Research regrouping all the resources of biomedical research in Haute-Normandie. The objective of this Institute is to develop a high-level biomedical research particularly focused on the understanding of disease physiopathology and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools thanks to the combined work of clinicians, biologists and chemists of the University of Rouen. 




COBRA is also involved in the Large Scale Research Network TERA (Territorial Environment, Risks, Agronomy). 



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