Organic and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


High resolution NMR

• Bruker AVIII-300 MHz – Probe 5mm BBFO

• Bruker AVIII HD-400 MHz – Probe BBFO 5 et 10mm ; Probe


• Bruker AVIII-500 MHz – Probe 5mm BBFO, QXI (1H,6Li,13C,15N),

QXI (1H,13C,15N,31P), TXI (1H,13C,19F)

• Bruker AVII-600 MHz – Cryoprobe 5mm CPTXI (1H,13C,15N)

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

• MALDI-TOF/TOF, autoflex III, Bruker

• Synapt G2 (mobilité ionique), Waters

• Autospec (GC/MS), Waters

Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Chromatography

• LC/MS/MS, Thermo LCQ ionic quadripolar quadrupole ion trap Bruker HCT

ultra ETD

• GC/MS/MS, GC/MS Shimadzu IE ; Agilent IE


• GC-FID Agilent ; HP ; Varian, Thermo

• GC-FID Clarus 580 (Perkin Elmer) / headspace HS40 (Perkin Elmer)

• GC-MS 3900 (Varian) / headspace HS40 (Perkin Elmer) dynamic


• HPLC prep Varian PDA/UV/DEDL

• UHPLC Acquity Waters

• UHPLC nanoAcquity Waters

• HPLC series 1200 Agilent

• HPLC Thermo UV/Polarimètre/RI ; Waters UV

• GCXGC Thermo et Agilent

• IC Dionex-Thermo

• nanoLC Dionex-Thermo

• SFC analytical and semi preparative

• Capillary electrophoresis Beckman

Others equipment

• Spectromètre UV Varian, IR Perkin Elmer, Fluo Varian

• ICP- AES, ICAP 6300 (Thermo)

• AA with four graphite Solaar MQZ

• AA flame mode Solaar S (Thermo)

• Elementary Anaylsis Thermo EAGER 300 Flash 2000

• Circular dichroism BioLogic MOS-500

• IR in-situ

• Glove box

Fully Equipped Synthesis Laboratories


For any questions, please contact:

Vincent Levacher
Director of C2I Orga