Organic and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Organic Synthesis Department


The organic synthesis research conducted at COBRA has application to fields as varied as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food processing, as well as environmental, energy and material related studies. These activities are in close collaboration with the analysis and separation methods departments of the Engineering & Innovation Center. 

The department is organised into five main research axes: 

  • Bioorganic chemistry 
  • Heterocycles 
  • Synthesis of fluorinated molecules 
  • Organometallics & ultra high pressures 
  • Solid phase synthesis & supramolecular chemistry 


The researchers have modern equipment at their disposal for analysis methods (NMR, chromatography, mass & RX) and the latest synthesis techniques (hyperbaric reactions, synthesis machines etc). 

Through the support of the Haute Normandy Region, which has the theme ‘Biologie, Chimie, Santé’ (Chemistry, Biology, Health) as one of its main priorities in research, the laboratories can count on numerous regional pharmaceutical centers for the development of international recognition. Strong partnerships have been developed with large groups, both French and foreign, of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing and petrochemical industries.


Examples of services provided:


· Advice & expertise in organic synthesis

· Development of reactions or pathways to complex molecules.

· Areas of expertise: heterocycles, polyenics, organofluorines, cyclodextrins.

· Syntheses catalyzed by metals or organocatalysts for sustainable chemistry.

· Reactions under hyperbaric conditions- electrosynthesis – activation by microwaves.

· Production of fluorescent biomarkers and radiotracers.

· Study of reactions by IR in-situ analysis.

· ‘Made-to-measure’ training in numerous fields of synthesis.


Contacts :


Jean-François Brière,  CNRS

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Laurent Bischoff, Professor

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